Favorite monospaced fonts with Greek support

I’ve been using Sublime Text as my main text editor for a couple of months now and I’m thoroughly impressed with it. For those of you who are curious about its power (which does not come cheap…), I found this set of tutorials very helpful.

TeX Gyre Cursor

For a beautiful writing experience, whether you use markdown or not, I strongly recommend the Markdownediting package, which is designed to look like the beautiful and minimalistic iA-writer application for Mac.

I spent some time choosing a good looking (and free) mono-space font that also includes support for Greek (if the font does not include Greek glyphs, the substitute font’s letters will not line up; this of course defeats the purpose of using mono-space in the first place).

After spending more time on this than I’d like to admit, I narrowed things down to the following set of fonts. All are basically free but do read their copyright notices.

Unfortunately, the best looking font which includes Greek glyphs does not include punctuated Greek vowels: TeX Gyre Cursor

Of course, you can always buy the full version of nitti font used in iA-writer…

In any case, this screenshot shows how the whole thing looks like (with TeX Gyre Cursor font)